As more environmentally conscious consumers promote brands to be more responsible for society and the environment, the term “environmentally friendly packaging” is not just a popular word. More and more enterprises and brands give the real essence of the sentence “reduce, reuse and recycle”.

Today, we will focus on five solutions for green and sustainable packaging.


Packaging from nature

Pack from nature can replace the existing plastic bag packaging. It is made of corn starch (PLA) and biodegradable polymer (PBAT). It is 100% degradable packaging.

In addition, it can be as strong, waterproof, flexible, tear-resistant, and reusable as plastic bags. After use, it can be completely decomposed in 6 months.


Poco paper bottle project

Founded in 2019, the taboo is a joint venture between paper packaging material developer billerudkorsn ä s and bottle manufacturing expert ALPLA. They jointly developed a recyclable 100% bio-based paper bottle concept.

It is composed of 57% recycled paper and 43% recycled plastic barrier, which can withstand the pressure of carbon dioxide. In addition, they have developed a pulp formula with a strong fiber network, which can maintain the strength of the whole bottle, and the thin barrier layer can also prevent the transmission of water vapor and oxygen.


Mushroom Packaging

Mushroom packaging, developed by decorative, a biotechnology start-up based in New York, is a high-performance sustainable packaging solution. The raw material is the root growth of mushroom, which is called mycelium.

The whole process of packaging production, from mold to packaging molding, only takes 7 days.

Compared with plastic packaging, it is considered to be a high-performance packaging scheme.

First, the shelf life is very long, up to 30 years under dry conditions. In addition, the mycelium is also flame retardant and waterproof, rich in nutrition, and can be completely biodegradable.


TIPA Sustainable packaging

TIPA uses a patented environmentally friendly material formula made of a fully compostable polymer mixture to create a compostable film and laminate, which perfectly imitates the characteristics and functions of traditional plastic materials (such as polyethylene and polypropylene) (including its high transparency and high sealing strength).

TIPA’s sustainable packaging has many substitutes, including high barrier strength and printability. Each of their films and laminates is compatible with flexographic and digital printing processes to achieve high-quality and high-speed printing.



Founded in Mexico, e6pr has been designing and manufacturing sustainable packaging since 2017.

E6pr is the first environmentally friendly ring to replace plastic rings. From water to beer, e6pr can hold any kind of canned beverage.

It is compostable and biodegradable. After the proper treatment, e6pr will enter the composting facility, where it will be decomposed into the soil for a virtuous cycle.