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Frequently Asked Questions

A:Since 2006, we are a professional manufacturer specializing in color printing cartons, craft packaging boxes, high-end boutique box packaging, cosmetics, gifts, jewelry, toys, electronics and other industries.

Quality is priority!Every worker keeps the QC from the very beginning to the very end;

All raw material we used are environmental-friendly;

Skillful workers care every detail handing the stamping, printing, stitching, packing process;

Quality control department specially responsible for quality checking in each process.

A:The sample can be free, and the freight will be in charge of you.

A:Yes, private label is available, we can customize for you as request.

A:Sure. colour, weight, package all can be customized as request.

A:1. Customized gift box printing generally chooses 157 grams of coated paper, because the paper of this thickness is just thick and straight, the edges are straight, and the surface is smooth. The coated paper is used because the surface is coated, and the printed colors are more real and bright .

2. When printing a custom gift box, the corner line must be marked on it. This is convenient for positioning when making a custom gift box.

3. When printing customized gift boxes, if you can use spot colors on a large area, try to use spot colors instead of 4 colors.

A:1. Most of the hardcover custom gift boxes usually need to be hand-made or partly hand-made, the speed of hand-made is slow and the cost is high.

2. The hardcover custom gift boxes are all paper gift boxes, and the material cost is much higher than that of ordinary packaging boxes.

3. Hardcover custom gift boxes generally need to be matched with a suitable lining

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